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For the love of Torinos!  Bringing life to your pride and joy one part at a time.

Why Choose Us?

We have more than 45 cars for parts and/or for sale and literally tens of thousands of parts for 1968-1974 Torinos, Rancheros and Fairlanes.  We ship parts all around the globe in small packages all the way up to large crates.  We have one of the largest selection of parts in the USA to help you rebuild your favored ride.  

I needed a A-Pillar to replace the one for my Cobra that got damaged many years ago in a wreck before I owned the car.  Rob was so helpful and took extra care to cut the part out and ship it.  I was so happy I  bought my door from him as well.  

Jeremy, WA
Happy Customer (stock photo)

About Us

Rob Sloan

store owner

My first car was a 1968 Ford Torino GT  fastback with a 4-speed.  Little did I know at the age of 15 that my first car would fuel my desire Nearly 30 years later to become the third owner of arguably the single largest collection of Ford Torino, Ranchero and Fairlane parts under one roof.

My interest for cars at a young age grew my desire to learn, tinker, restore and consume all things automotive.  I credit my Dad with planting that seed in me from his experiences and stories.  My business background is formerly in business administration in marketing and I spent much of my corporate career in that field while intuitively knowing and working as a hobby where the passion of my soul rested.  Growing up I learned to use my hands and creative mind early on.  As I grew older, I learned to build, weld and paint as well as operating various kinds of moving machines.  I discovered I had a natural acumen for mechanical things.  There were many times you could find my cousins and myself working in the barn working late on a car project to build a motor or get a body ready for paint.  

Fast forward 30 plus years and many years of marketing, hobby building and business ownership to the point at which preparedness and opportunity met and I got to buy this business and work to move it into the next phase of growth.  Nearly everyone in my immediate family as well as close friends have helped in a role in the continued success of this niche parts business to serve the hobbyist around the globe.  


We ship to all the major countries of the world from the Capital of Oregon, USA!



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